Rock Paper Scissors with Three Or More Players.

There are many ways in which the Rock Paper Scissors game can be played, and over the years, some of these variations have survived the test of time and criticisms. One of the popular ones that still exist is the multiplayer version of the game. This multiplayer variant of the Rock Paper Scissors game is one that involves more than two players of a regular RPS game. Sometimes, players may not want to wait until a regular match is finished and want to be part of the game. As a result, the players may agree to play together, thereby making it a multiplayer game. In the multiplayer RPS game, there is no limit to the number of players that can participate.

Rock Paper Scissors with Three Or More Players. It should be noted that the multiplayer RPS game also has sub-variants. The nature of these sub-variants is perhaps the reason why the multiplayer RPS game has received acceptance in the eyes of many. Nonetheless, the multiplayer RPS mode is not included in standard RPS tournaments but the authorities like the idea, but outside the regulated RPS circuit.

·        Elimination Game

The Rock Paper Scissors Elimination game is perhaps the first example of an RPS game that involves more than two players. The elimination variant of the RPS multiplayer mode has a fascinating side to it. It is more like the survival of the fittest; that is, only the strongest will last. In the elimination mode, the idea is to celebrate the last man standing. A player who is not sure of his skills should not accept to join in an RPS elimination match for fear of quick humiliation. Only those who are courageous enough and believe in their skills and luck are bound to last in the elimination ring.

In this game, the players come together to form a circle. Upon the call to extend throws, each player extends his hand gesture, and the throws are interpreted. The throws are made simultaneously. In the process, the losing throws are eliminated until one player is left. The last player standing is declared the winner. This multiplayer variant follows the regular rules of the RPS game. In case the three throws are present, it will be a circular stalemate, and a rethrow will be called.

·        Double Fisting

This multiplayer variant of the Rock Paper Scissors game is a bit similar to the elimination variant. The only difference is the style of play. In Double Fisting, the style of play is on another level, and only masters of the game can survive the mode. For instance, the game requires that each player should play with both hands. This will be difficult for anyone who has not mastered his throws. In the game, the players form a circle. Each player is expected to play against the players on his right and left sides by using both hands to extend his throws. The player that loses on both sides will be eliminated. This continues until only two players are left. The remaining two players then go for a regular Rock Paper Scissors game to see who wins and who loses.

In Double Fisting, a referee is usually present to take charge and monitor the game to ensure that players do not cheat because it is discovered that players easily cheat in the game by leveraging other players’ carelessness or engaging in the falsification of throws.

·        Points-Based Rock Paper Scissors

This is another one of the variations of the Rock Paper Scissors game with a multiplayer feature. Even so, it is one popular variation that players will choose after the elimination variant of the game. Points-based Rock Paper Scissors game is an interesting engagement that uses the idea of creating a table for the scores of each of the players involved in the game. This multiplayer variant of the RPS game captures the idea of competition between players. In this game, the players compete for points that will place them in the different positions listed on the table.

The idea of the game is that the players play a series of matches simultaneously. During this process, scores are recorded and placed on the table created for the purpose. The table can be and is usually imaginary. This is when the players keep the scores in their heads while playing. It can also be written. Here, the players form a written table to record the scores of each player. This often disrupts the game’s flow as they would have to stop after each match to write down the scores.

This is how the game works; One Rock, two Papers, and one Scissors. The Rock thrower gets one point for beating the one Scissors. The two Paper throwers get one point each for beating the one Rock. The Scissors thrower gets two points for beating the two Papers. Then another round is played, and the points are recorded. It goes on and on until the last round.

After a series of agreed rounds, the points will be calculated at the end of the game, and the player with the highest points will be declared the winner. The message this game tries to form is the idea of superiority. By looking at the table of points, one player is above the other while below another. It is only the player with the highest points that is the champion of the table.

Game Modifications For RPS Multiplayer Game

The first modification of the multiplayer RPS game is the style, which is unlike the regular two-person RPS game. The inclusion of more than two players already alters the nature game to some extent. But interestingly, the multiplayer variant of the RPS game tries to sustain the regular interpretations and calculations, just like a regular RPS game. In some other places, players in a multiplayer RPS game may choose to alter some of the interpretations, modify the throws, replace them, or change the game rules to suit their interests.

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