Rock Paper Scissors Story.


Almost every adult knows this popular game. A game that solves all the conflicts and discussions, the one which decides who takes the challenge or loses the fight…

But do you know the real story, how it was discovered, and how these 3 famous characters met each other?

Your kids are going to love it!

3 fascinating characters – Rock, Paper, and Scissors, who were rejected by their families, met each other in hilarious and weird circumstances. After all, they created an amazing friendship together and went for many great adventures…

  • But be prepared, this book is great to read as a bedtime story, especially if you have the right voice and tonality in place, that will make this story even more engaging!
  • Or let them read it themselves. The language is super simple; it is a great way to make those first steps into speaking and reading the English language better – they won’t even notice that they are learning!
  • This storytelling book is also an awesome way to take your little one away from those popular video games, and use their real imagination a little bit more…
  • By the way, you can teach them the actual game afterward. I think they will love it!

Not only that!

Many people who read this story say that this kid’s book even helped their little children sparkle that self-esteem and self-confidence inside them. These comments were really fascinating to me.

And trust me, they will not get bored; this storybook is short, action-driven, and very engaging.

So engaging that they will ask you to read it one more time!

It’s just a simple story, you may say…

Yes, but for people who know the power of such simple stories, they love them!


So go ahead, surprise your little one with this fascinating book, maybe use it as a gift together with some beautiful packaging, and put a smile on your kid’s face.

Scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and discover the legendary Rock, Paper, Scissors Story!

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